Live Animal Stage Shows

An educational experience

We can enhance any exhibit with daily Live Animal Stage Shows, or offer stand alone Live Animal Stage Shows without an exhibit. Our knowledgeable handlers captivate the audience with educational and entertaining presentations using rarely seen, captive-raised exotic animals. Specialty themes are outlined below, or we can tailor a theme to match your venue.

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Creature Feature Stage Show

This show features a variety of unusual reptiles, arthropods and amphibians from around the world. Interesting facts about each animal is presented as well as informative discussions about adaptation, animal classification and characteristics.

Snakes Alive!

A variety of snakes, including many that are venomous, are presented in a captivating and informative presentation. Gaboon vipers-beautiful yet deadly; cobras-the smartest of their kind; pythons-normal vs albino; rattlesnakes-large to small and arid land to tropical.

Rainforest Wonderland

See and learn about animals from the lush world of the tropical rainforest, a place where some of the planet's most fantastic and unusual animals call home. Among the curious and intriguing critters presented are large pythons, colorful chameleons, a rainbow of parrots, and a variety of other charismatic creatures.

Gypsy Stage Reptile Show

Our bewitching gypsies captivate their audience with a variety of intriguing reptiles. Their ensemble includes venomous and non-venomous snakes, giant tortoises, tarantulas, lizards, amphibians, parrots and other fascinating animals.

Enter another world with Brad's World Reptiles...

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Stage Show
Learn about animals you've never seen before at our engaging and informative stage shows.
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Venomous Show
Be awed by our professional handlers while they show off and talk about our collection of venomous snakes and lizards.
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Gypsy Stage Show
We offer themed stage shows, such as our Gypsy Stage, to compliment the activities at your venue.
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Meet a Python
After one of our educational stage shows, come over and meet one of our large friendly pythons.