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It is the goal of Brad's WORLD REPTILES to provide engaging educational programs in which people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds can learn about the diversity of animals and the natural world. In order to accomplish this goal our facilities hold a collection of about 1000 animals of various species that we use for in our live-animal educational exhibits and programs.

Founder and Owner

Brad Tylman
- Founder and Owner

Brad Tylman

Brad has been teaching biodiversity and sustainable conservation of ecosystems and their inhabitants for nearly three decades. A professional herpetologist and biologist, he has been a prominent exotic reptile breeder since the 1970's and in the 1980's pioneered the large-scale reptile educational exhibits that are so popular today. As a unique approach to conservation these hands-on exhibits provide people with an opportunity to see, learn about, and even handle a large variety of exotic species. This experience, in turn, opens their eyes to the fact that these vulnerable animals and their habitats are worthy of, and in dire need of, protection.

General Manager

Mark Hlavinka
- General Manager

Mark began working at Brad's World Reptiles 20 years ago. Over the years he's worked his way into the General Manager position and is now responsible for the husbandry and well being of around 1,000 snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, birds, amphibians, arachnids, insects, and rodents.

Enter another world at Brad's World Reptiles...

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Facilities Tours
Tours of our facilities last for a couple of hours and bring you up close to a number of our fascinating animals.
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Habitat Tours
Tour the grounds around our facilities to experience habitat restoration in progress.
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Holding A Snake
Experience animals you've never seen before during an educational tour of our facilities.
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Be greeted by a tame alligator when you arrive.