Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities at Brad's World Reptiles

Brad's WORLD REPTILES is a multifaceted company. Our primary mission is to produce professional large-scale, live-animal educational exhibits that showcase the biodiversity and beauty of a large variety of rarely seen animals. Our exhibits travel throughout North America. We also provide high quality animals to zoos, aquariums and other professional educational venues for specialty displays.

Additionally, we are one of the largest reptile breeding facilities on the West Coast. We house more than 50 species, approximately 1,000 animals, at our facilities. Our animals include snakes, alligators, turtles, tortoises, lizards, amphibians, arachnids, large insects, and parrots.

Our animals are also used in school programs to educate youngsters about ecosystems, biodiversity, animal adaptation and other biological systems.

How to Apply

Enter another world at Brad's World Reptiles...

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King Cobra
As part of our staff learn to safely handle animals such as this albino king cobra.
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School Programs
Take our charismatic exotic animals to schools and mesmerize the younger generation.
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Animal Husbandry
Volunteers at our facilities learn to care for about 50 different exotic animal species.
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Gypsy Village
Take part in specialty theme stage shows and educate the public about a variety of exotic animals.