Parties and Tours

Hands-on, educational entertainment

We offer a variety of live-animal educational programs to entertain and mesmerize your guests. We'll bring our animals to your venue for an unforgettable event. Or, you can bring your guests to our facilities and see even more of our large collection of intriguing and fascinating animals. All age groups are welcomed.

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We'll bring a selection of colorful and charismatic animals to your venue and provide hands-on educational entertainment for your guests. Each of our animals, including parrots, snakes, turtles, amphibians, alligators and lizards, has its own story to tell. You will learn about and be able to handle these fascinating animals under the supervision of our trained staff.

Or, if you prefer, bring your guests to our facilities and see even more of our fascinating collection of exotic animals.

Facilities Tours

For a truly memorable event, come visit one of the largest reptile and amphibian breeding and rescue facilities on the West Coast. Your knowledgeable tour guide will take you through our facilities where you'll experience, up close, dozens of species of reptiles, amphibians and arthropods, representing every continent on the globe. You'll also tour the grounds, a habitat restoration project, that is now home to dozens of native wildlife species.

Enter another world at Brad's World Reptiles...

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Facilities Tours
Tours of our facilities last for a couple hours and bring you up close to a number of our fascinating animals.
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Habitat Tours
Tour the grounds around our facilities to experience habitat restoration in progress.
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Holding A Snake
Experience animals you've never seen before during an educational tour of our facilities.
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Be greeted by a tame alligator when you arrive.