How to Apply

Following these instructions to apply for a job with us

We accept applications throughout the year as positions become open. If you would like to apply for any of our positions email the following documents to Brad Tylman.

  1. Resume
  2. References or letters of recommendation
  3. Typed letter that includes the following:
  • First and last name
  • Contact Information (phone, email)
  • In which town you currently live
  • The position you are applying for
  • Pertinent experience working with animals- especially reptiles
  • Any other pertinent experience you may have for the position you are apply for
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Enter another world at Brad's World Reptiles...

Staff image
Company Logo
Our recognizable logo can be seen at various fairs and events throughout the western US.
Staff image
Water Monitor
Water monitors are the second largest lizards in the world and can grow to a length of 8 feet.
Staff image
Albino Rattlesnake
This rare and unusual albino rattlesnake will mesmerize you with his uncanny stare.
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Fair Setup
Our 8-foot-long alligator travels in his custom built create.