What have people said about us?

View the slideshow to see some of the comments fair patrons wrote in our comments book during our 2012 fair season. Then, read on to see what fair managers have said about having our exhibit at their event.

Fair patron comments...

Fair manager comments...

Brad’s World Reptiles provided us with a custom interactive and educational exhibit which was a highly exceptional encounter for our fair guests. The wonderful presentation and variety of reptiles provided an experience which captivated and excited all who entered the exhibit. Brad and his staff were the best, providing endless amounts of attention to the fair guests making their visit unique and special.

Greg Kinder
Deputy Manager, Programs
California Exposition & State Fair, 2010

Brad’s World Reptiles has been one of the premier highlights of the Alaska State Fair for the past two years. He transformed an empty metal building into a reptile wonderland and his very capable and knowledgeable staff put on daily stage shows for a packed house.

The most frequent comment from fairgoers we heard was, “This is the best/coolest/most amazing thing you’ve ever had at the Fair! Please bring them back!”

Brad and his crew consistently went the extra mile to provide the ultimate guest experience, and were not only easy, but also downright fun to work with.

Suzy Crosby
Entertainment Coordinator
Alaska State Fair, 2010

Wow! That's the word we heard over and over again from people as they walked into your display. It is, I believe, of particular importance that you are educating people - and most don't even realize it because they are enjoying themselves so much. It's the perfect balance of fun and education.

Greg G. Stewardt,
President and General Manager,
Central Washington State Fair

Brad's WORLD REPTILES has provided our fair-goers with a unique and exceptional experience that warrants their return year after year.

Jerry Underwood,
Tillamook County Fair, Oregon

Enter another world at Brad's World Reptiles...

Staff image
Burmese Python
Our large Burmese pythons are well traveled and friendly.
Staff image
Talking Macaw
This green wing macaw gets talkative when fair patrons are around.
Staff image
Sulcata Tortoise
We have a large herd of traveling tortoises.
Staff image
Fire-bellied Toad
Colorful and beautiful, these little toads pack a powerful poisonous punch.