Volunteer Opportunities

Gain experience by volunteering

This is an exceptional opportunity to gain experience in husbandry, management, breeding and genetics in various species of reptiles, amphibians and other exotic animals.

Volunteer interns assist the general manager with animal husbandry and the development of educational programs. Our entry-level internships provide a positive experience for advancement within the exotic animal management and educational fields. Work schedules can be flexible. We are located only 15 minutes from the OSU campus.

How to Apply

Enter another world at Brad's World Reptiles...

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Live Animal Exhibits
Join our team to help entertain and educate the public at our large scale, live animal exhibits.
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Chatting Parrots
Our macaws can often be found chattering around in the trees at our facilities.
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Breeding Projects
Brad normally has a variety of specialty breeding projects going on at his facilities.
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Volunteer Time
Our volunteers not only learn valuable animal husbandry skills, they also have a lot of fun doing it.